Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Schools


How long before the homestay start date is it necessary to request the accommodation?
Anytime. This said, more time is better, in order to ensure the very best match-up is possible. Students typically like to have their placement confirmation a couple of weeks in advance of arrival, therefore we recommend 4 weeks advance registration whenever possible.
How long before the accommodation start date is necessary to cancel or postpone it without charges?
Postponements of 14 days or less are no charge, with a minimum 24 hours notice. Cancelations with less than 7 days notice will be levied a $220 fee unless accompanied by an official letter of visa rejection. Postponements of more than 14 days but for same calendar year, with less than 24 hours notice will be levied a $110 fee. Postponements of more than 14 days into the next calendar year will be levied a $220 fee.
Which date does the student have to check in without paying extra nights?
Students are charged according to the precise nights they are in homestay, and 4 week sessions are counted from the date of arrival, no matter if this is a weekday or weekend.
Which date does the student have to check out without paying extra nights?
Students are charged according to the precise nights they are in homestay. In case a partial session (less than 28 nights) needs to be charged, a weekly rate will apply. In case a partial week needs to be applied, a nightly rate will be applied.
Is it possible to request extra nights? How many days in advance?
Extensions may be requested anytime. No additional fee will be levied other than for the homestay extension period requested. Extension requests with less than 14 days notice are subject to availability in the particular homestay. If the homestay is already booked, the student may be moved to a new homestay.
What is the minimum length to book an accommodation?
There is no minimum or maximum stay, however stays of less than 28 nights will be applied a one-time placement fee of C$120.
What is the average distance from the accommodation to the school?
25 minutes. 45 minutes maximum
Is it possible for the student to change the accommodation if he/she doesn't like it? If yes, what is the procedure?
Yes. A written request by the agent/counselor explaining the circumstance is required.
Is there any extra fee for changing the accommodation?
There is no charge for a first homestay change within the first 4 weeks of stay.
Note: If a student is required to move by request of the homestay family, a fee will be applied upon the 2nd move request (by family).
Is it possible for the student to request shared-room homestay when traveling alone?
Yes, however a one-time placement fee of $120 will apply.
When is payment required?
First session payment is required from the student at time of applcation. HSH assumes upon receipt of application from an agency that first session fees and any extra administrative fees have been collected in advance. Payment must be received by HSH 14 days before student’s arrival in Canada.
Are there any extra wire transfer or bank fees applied?
No wire or bank transfer fees are charged on the first transaction. If more than one transfer needs to be processed, a C$20 wire transfer fee will apply to all bank transfers other than the first.
If students want to pay every session, who collects the fee?
Either the school or HSH can make collections after first session (collected by school). However the procedure must be consistent for all students once agreed between school and HSH.
Does HSH pay an agents' commission on homestay?
Yes. Please contact HSH to discuss a commission arrangement based on the exact partnership that will best suite your needs.