Benefits of an ESL program in Canada

The ability to fluently speak and communicate in English is often a difficult mission to achieve for international students whose first language is not English.

Most career paths in Canada, in fact in many countries across the world, require proficiency in English. This is particularly true in the case of companies that are involved in international trade where communicating flawlessly is understood a must for success.

Canadian ESL programs, have a lot to offer students.

An economical option for international students

Although ESL courses require students to pay a tuition-fee,the cost is typically a fraction of the U.S. or U.K. fee for the equivalent program.

Currently, the Canadian dollar is at a 10 year low as compared to the U.S. making it an extremely attractive option.

But regardless of currency strength, you will notice much better value studying in Canada, both with respect to course rates and homestay accommodation fees.

Quality and practicality

Canadian English is American in it’s vocabulary and spoken usage for the most part, and British by and large in its spelling for formal communication/written purposes- the best of both worlds, in one place.

And unlike the U.S. or the U.K., which are extremely regional when it comes to accent, Canadian English is spoken in a standardized form across the country such that it is almost impossible to distinguish anyone by accent no matter what part of Canada they may come from (Newfoundland being the one notable exception. and the province of Quebec where French is the main language outside the main city of Montreal).

Moreover, the standardized English spoken in Canada is reputed to be the clearest and most intelligible English anywhere in the world, bar none.

End note

The aforementioned reasons testify to the quality and affordability of ESL courses that Canada has to offer.

This makes Canada one of the most preferred destinations for study anywhere in the world- and for good reason!

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