Canada-Mexico 2017

At long last, Canada Immigration has loosened its visa restrictions for Mexican nationals coming to Canada. This spells great news for the Study and Travel industries in Canada, not to mention Mexico. Here’s what the ‘new’  Canadian administration had to say about the new policy:

“Canada values strong ties with Mexico, and we are pleased to be able to extend visa-free travel to Mexican citizens. Improved bilateral relations stemming from the visa lift are expected to facilitate increased business opportunities, trade and investment—a growth opportunity for Canadians and Mexicans alike.”

– John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

“Canada and Mexico have a rich and diverse relationship. I am confident that the lifting of the visa requirement will facilitate people-to-people ties, opportunities for youth mobility, education and prosperity and that it will enhance engagement between our two countries.”

– Stéphane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Students in general – High School, University, ESL-  as well as Adventure Travel, Homestay, Farm/Ranchstay Experience programs – pretty much EVERY sector of the the Education and Tourism industries in both Canada and Mexico will benefit from this bold and visionary move by Canada’s policy makers – And just in time to ring in the new year.

An affordable Canadian dollar as compared to the stronger U.S. greenback makes Canada an even more attractive option this year for travelers who are watching their pocket book, or who simply want to extend the duration and therefore depth of their study-abroad experience.

Homestay companies, Work Abroad/Internship Placement organizations, and Schools/Colleges are already reporting across the board marked increases in inquiries for 2017.

The future looks rosy indeed! 2017, BRING IT ON!

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